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LEAD India invites you to be a part of unique youth leadership training program in Japan by IATSS Forum. This 55 days training program will focus on building leadership and skills development of today’s youth who are potential leaders of tomorrow. The youth will be trained by professors and academicians from leading universities of Japan, business leaders and experts from various fields. This program is an interactive and experiential journey since it facilitates interaction of the participants with local volunteers, university students and other leaders of Japan.

LEAD India and IATSS Forum, Japan have come together to endorse their core mandate of building effective leadership across the globe to enable future generation to act as catalyst for change. While LEAD India builds leadership and creates LEADers for sustainable future in environmental and devlopmental space, IATSS Forum believes in bringing out the best in individuals and making them next generation leaders of Asia.

We are happy to announce Call for Applications for this Leadership Training Program in Japan. LEAD India is the India Secretariat of IATSS Forum, Japan and supports in identification and selection of Indian participants for the IATSS Forum Program. Starting 2018, four young and deserving individuals will be chosen from India to participate in the 61st and 62nd batch of the Leadership Training in Japan. If you are a youth aged below 35 years and have minimum work experience of two years, this program is just a right fit for you!


Program Details

IATSS Forum Program is based on the objective of training people to become next generation leaders of Asia and to mobilise the strengths of a group to the maximum. The Program invites two participants each from Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Along with facilitating exchange of ideas and thematic discussions, the Leadership Training Program also focusses on building knowledge in the various fields and learning methodologies to the interdisciplinary approach to issues.

The IATSS Forum Program is mainly classified into three categories: the general seminar area, the theme study area, and the general areas of study. The training programs feature academic, practical, and well-balanced programs, which are not specialized in any specific fields. Through the comprehensive 55-day program, the Forum is intended for participants to learn the skills, ideas, and mindsets required to become young leaders.

The IATSS Forum Program's is reviewed and organized by the IATSS Forum Program Committee in order to provide training contents that match current international and regional situations.

The program will be carried out through:


Theme Study

Group Study

Cultural Activities Exchange

Study Tours



Applications Open!

Currently, applications are open for the 61st and 62nd batch of IATSS Leadership Training Program which will take place in Japan in 2019. Details are as under:


61st IATSS Forum: *May - July, 2019 (55days)
62nd IATSS Forum: *September - November, 2019 (55days)
* Applications are accepted once a year.

Participant Allocation:

61st IATSS Forum: 20 participants , 2 participants for 10 countries
62nd IATSS Forum: 20 participants , 2 participants for 10 countries


Application Process:

Application Deadline:
Closing Date for the Applications: 25th July 2018
**Hard copy of the application is also to be sent on LEAD India's Postal address:

LEAD India
M-8, 3rd Floor, Greater Kailash, Part 1 New Delhi - 110048, India
Tel: +91 11 29235721, 41638440, 49064169


Fully Sponsored Program! :

The IATSS Forum pays for the round trip airfare, participation fees for the program, accommodations, and all food expenses, etc.
Participants need to pay for their personal expenses.



Applicants must be from one of the above mentioned countries and possess the physical and mental capabilities necessary to participate fully in program activities.
Applicants should be 35 years old or younger at the time of the closing date of the application.
Applicants may or may not be working at the time of application submission
Applicants should have at least 2 years of full-time professional job experience at the time of the application.
Applicants should have sufficient English skills and cultural adaptability to live and study abroad.
Applicants must travel to Japan unaccompanied.

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Required Documents:

Application form (A4 size) Download Here. Click here to download Application Booklet.
2 photos (4 cm x 3 cm, name on the back)
2 recommendation forms (A4) (One of them should be your direct supervisor at your present job)


Contact Us:

LEAD India
M-8, 3rd Floor, Greater Kailash, Part 1 New Delhi - 110048, India
Tel: +91 11 29235721, 41638440, 49064169

Ishani Palandurkar

Amanpreet Kaur

About IATSS Forum

The IATSS (International Associateion of Traffic and Safety Sciences) Forum is an international training institute established in 1985 that aims to bring out the best qualities in individuals who will one day become future leaders in the ASEAN region. The Forum provides a place where young professionals can gather. Inviting young and outstanding individuals from respective ASEAN countries, the Forum provides opportunities for participants to understand each other’s' countries through seminars, field studies, group study, and cultural exchanges, as well as to make efforts to solve current issues in the ASEAN region and Japan, under the motto "Thinking and Learning Together." Click here to read more about IATSS Forum, Japan.

About LEAD India

LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development) is a unique, live, ever growing, national and international network of professionals, known as 'fellows' committed to development that is environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and economically viable. It is a global network organization with over 3000 cross sectoral LEADers. Our mission is to build 'Leadership for Change' to create a sustainable world. LEAD Fellows, are successful leaders working on a wide range of local to global environmental and development issues in more than 90 countries including Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, USA and UK.

The India Chapter of LEAD is managed by LEAD India (A registered society since 2000), which alone has a network of 200+ LEADers with representation in most Indian states. Our network consists of individuals and organization geographically located across the length and breadth of the country. LEAD India facilitates programs in Leadership Building, Knowledge Facilitators and Action Based Pojects. Click here to read more about LEAD India.



Application Form

Application Booklet



"From the tadpole wish to build the leadership skill in very developed country, Japan, I have far more developed spiritually knowledgably and professionally through the ASEAN connection, knowledge and skill sharing as well as continuous relation keeping everyone to explore educational and professional opportunities in the region. I can say IATSS Forum is a million dollars treasure, as recommended to friends and connections by comparing to other training programs in Japan, binding participants to develop from the spiritually young to the mutual leaders who have been developing more leaders."
- Choub Reab Sour, Alumni President - Cambodia


"IATSS Forum Leadership Training was a turning point in my life. It changed my value and way of thinking about others. I realized my knowledge and experience was biased and narrow to be an effective leader. Cooperation with one another and the relationships that I developed was a wonderful experience. Joining the IF, whilst a challenge, is a highly recommend to be a part of. Learning from others' experiences will give you a different perspective on leadership and that is something that you will value forever."
- Mr. Noriaki Koyanagi (Nagi), Alumni President - Japan