Climate Change Leaders

The Climate Change Leaders program is specifically designed to match the needs of diversified field and sectors for a basic understanding of climate science, climate adaptation and the ways to integrate it. With enhanced understanding, each participant can play a key role to engage with local and national policymakers on climate change affecting their local, state or national interests. This program is catered to frontline staff of government line departments at various level, NGOs, members Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and a group of individuals.

60 Climate change leaders were developed across the Indian Himalayan Region with support from British High Commission in 2009. The training entailed selection on young and dynamic leaders from the community who were mentored by LEAD Fellows for one year while conducting climate related research at community level. The program has a potential to be replicated in other eco-systems such as  Climate Leaders in dry and cold deserts, western  ghats, coastal India etc

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