LEAD Fellowship - Building Leadership for Sustainable Future (Cohort Programme)

The LEAD Fellowship - Building Leadership for Sustainable Future (Cohort Programme) is our flagship program and has been running since 1992. The world-class training program allows participants to step back, challenge their perceptions and stretch their leadership capability, while helping them to refine their vision of change for them and their organisation.

This one-year long training course divided into 7-day residential learning journeys runs through four National Training Sessions (NTS). It takes participants on locations across India to explore live challenges with real cases and people, deepening their understanding of the complexities of sustainability. Participants selected are referred to as ‘Associates’, graduate to become ‘Fellows’ and part of the LEAD Fellows Network.

Who is it for?
The program is specially designed for progressive leaders – experienced, middle to senior professionals across sectors who want to increase their ability to make positive change

Key learning
The program aims to prepare purposeful individuals with the commitment to sustainability and enable them with:

  1. Clarity of personal vision and a set of empowering leadership practices
  2. Deeper understanding of the sustainability challenges, risks and opportunities
  3. Ability to handle complex issues and apply systems thinking
  4. Confidence to engage in meaningful dialogue and build collaborative partnerships
  5. Build strong personal and professional connections with a diverse range of professionals across the world

The module typically covers core topics in Rural, Urban, Mountain and Business sectors.