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Leadership in Business Sustainability

Sustainability requires a company to look both internally and externally to understand their environmental and social impacts. Engaging employees in sustainability is a growing trend with significant business benefits. Many companies are pursuing a variety of different initiatives but have yet to reach a tipping point where sustainability has become embedded into the working systems.

At LEAD India, our 'Leadership in Business Sustainability' is specifically designed for corporates, who wish to redefine and implement the triple bottom line of people, profits and planet. We have so far trained around 400 global managers from HSBC, Standard Chartered bank and member companies of Global Compact Network with the same vision. 

Who is it for?
Mid-Career Professionals including managers, practitioners, decision-makers in the corporate sector 

Key learning

  1. Insightful understanding of responsible leadership, awareness and practice
  2. Enhance commitment to and appreciation of sustainability practices in business
  3. Working in multi-cultural teams and multi-stakeholder groups
  4. Improved delivery of practical business skills and techniques to facilitate more effective performance including:
    1. Ability to innovate to drive business solutions
    2. Project management skills
    3. Analytical skills; ability to analyze options, priorities and make decision that optimizes business results
    4. Strategic thinking, ability to plan for, anticipate and react to changes internally and externally

This program is customized to corporate needs and offered around the year, please get in touch with the LEAD India secretariat to know more. 

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