Sir Sridath Ramphal convened the first International Steering Committee in London in 1990. In those days, “Rio Fever” was high and individuals and groups around the world were searching for the best ways to make United Nations Conference on Environment and Development the event of the century.

In order to prevent the Rio message to fade away, LEAD was seen to carry forward the Rio message, and make sustainable development a global culture. Al Binger, Director Environment of The Rockefeller Foundation, through several other key players facilitated the creation of LEAD International with a mission to create and sustain a global network of leaders who are committed to promote change towards patterns of economic development that are environmentally sustainable and socially equitable.

Since 1991, LEAD has created its forte in delivering “Cohort Training” which is providing training on sustainable development topics and a suite of leadership skills including: team-building, systems thinking, negotiation skills and conflict resolution, cross-cultural communication, ethical decision making, among others.

The LEAD Program spread to other countries round the globe, and as of today, we have this program running in Anglophone West Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, CIS, Francophone Africa, India (2001), Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Southern & Eastern Africa, USA and UK.

Gradually, Rockefeller phased out its support and today LEAD in all countries is an independent entity in respective countries with a global network.

Today LEAD India besides 2000 global LEAD Fellows, our National Fellows Network stands at 162 Fellows today, geographically located across the length and breadth of the country representing key positions in the Government and Non-Government sectors, Industry, Media, Academia and Grassroots. Internationally we are 2000 Fellows strong.